Augmented Reality Virtual Try-on Experience Revolutionizes Online Shopping

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Shopping online can be a challenging experience for consumers, as it is difficult for them to know how an item will fit or look without first trying it on. This can lead to a high rate of returns, with approximately $218 billion of online purchases being returned in the United States alone last year.

TRYO, a multi-brand, multi-category virtual try-on experience, sought to address this challenge by providing users with the tools to make better selections when shopping online.


TRYO was developed by Glimpse Group subsidiary QReal, whose advanced AR technology allows users to experience wearing fashion accessories virtually before purchasing them.

TRYO offers a one-stop shopping experience where users can virtually try on footwear, watches, hats, and eyewear from a vast library of 3D branded models. The library includes over 500 items at launch, with new brands and products added weekly.


TRYO is changing the way consumers shop online by providing them with a more realistic and interactive shopping experience. With TRYO, users no longer have to wait in anticipation for a product to arrive only to discover that the color is off or the item does not match the web photos.

A study by Snap showed that 66% of shoppers who use AR technology are less likely to return items, and 80% of respondents said they feel more confident in their purchases when using AR tools. TRYO is also helping to drive the adoption of 3D product models by offering a vast library of ultra-realistic branded items at a lower cost for brands or retailers wanting to adopt 3D on a product display page or offer virtual try-ons.

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