Bringing Dallas Cowboys Players and Fans Together with Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality


The Dallas Cowboys and AT&T aimed to improve the overall experience for fans. With the aim of providing fans, both at the stadium and at home, with an engaging way to connect with the team, they set out to find a solution to bring the virtual experience of Dallas Cowboys players to life in an interactive way.

Utilizing the latest in cutting-edge technology they aimed to create an innovative way for fans to connect with the team and bring the excitement of the game to their fingertips, giving them a unique and memorable way to engage with their favorite team.


Brightline Interactive, a Glimpse Group subsidiary, developed a product called Pose with the Pros in collaboration with AT&T, Wasserman and the Dallas Cowboys. The product leveraged spatial interactive design to create a digital photo booth experience that captured full-body video of the Dallas Cowboy players.

The virtual players were used as interactive characters, allowing fans to capture photos with them in a virtual environment. A WebAR on-the-go version was also created, allowing fans to enjoy the same experience from the comfort of their living rooms using a mobile phone.


Pose with the Pros was a major success in enhancing the fan experience at AT&T Stadium and providing a way for fans at home to engage with the Dallas Cowboys. With big queues at the stadium the digital photobooth experience achieved significant social media coverage with over 500 million impressions.

The WebAR on-the-go version of the product also received positive feedback from fans at home and helped to increase engagement with the team. Additionally the project garnered a significant amount of positive social media attention for AT&T and The Dallas Cowboys. 

Bringing Dallas Cowboys Players and Fans Together with Augmented Reality
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