Creating a Fully Transactional Retail Space in the Metaverse

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Glimpse Subsidiary



Metaverse & Web3


As the concept of the metaverse becomes more mainstream, organizations are looking for ways to incorporate Web3 technology and streamline financial transactions to enhance the user experience.

Retapay is an organization that specializes in cryptocurrency transactions and wanted to visualize the future of purchasing in the metaverse. They needed a solution that would allow users to select virtual products and complete virtual transactions with ease.


Retapay approached QReal, a Glimpse Group subsidiary, to help create a fully functional virtual retail store in the metaverse. QReal utilized their expertise to design a seamless and user-friendly VR experience optimised for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset.

The virtual retail store allowed users to browse through an assortment of products, select their preferred item, and complete the transaction using Retapay's streamlined payment process, including authentication and verification.


The end result was a fully functional virtual store that showcased the future of online shopping in the metaverse. The Retapay team was impressed with the final product and thrilled with the result. QReal's work allowed them to demonstrate the capabilities of their technology in a user-friendly and accessible way.

The immersive shopping experience enabled Retapay to showcase the potential of Web3 technology and cryptocurrency payments in a virtual environment. Overall, the collaboration between Retapay and QReal successfully highlighted the potential of Web3 technology and immersive experiences for the future of retail and financial transactions.

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