Creating Movie Magic with Collaborative Augmented Reality Experiences

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Warner Media



Glimpse Subsidiary

Brightline Interactive


Augmented Reality


To promote its films, including Wonder Woman 84, Suicide Squad, and Space Jam: A New Legacy, Warner Media sought a unique and engaging approach.

So they looked for the best way to showcase the films and their characters in a memorable and immersive way. The challenge was to give movie goers a unique experience that would also be easily accessible and applicable to a wide age range.


To address this challenge Brightline Interactive, a Glimpse Group subsidiary, took on multiple projects with Warner Media. Brightline created an ecosystem of shared, multi-device virtual experiences for users.

Several Warner Media films were promoted with a virtual layer of games and experinces. Users could don Wonder Woman's gauntlets through augmented reality (AR), engage in an AR tabletop game featuring Looney Tunes characters, and morph their face into recognizable Suicide Squad characters.  


The multi-device experiences developed by Brightline were a success in promoting Warner Media's films. It provided a unique and immersive way for users to interact with characters from the films in a virtual environment.

Warner Media received positive feedback from users about the shared multi-device experiences, helping to increase awareness and excitement for the films.

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