Engaging Young Readers with Augmented Reality Enhanced Books

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Lightswitch Learning, a children's publisher, is committed to promoting social-emotional learning for young readers. One of their bestselling titles, The Emancipation of Grandpa Sandy Wills by Emmy award-winning journalist Cheryl Wills, raises important issues about social justice and racism.

Recognizing the power of AR to create a deeper level of engagement, Lightswitch Learning approached Glimpse Group subsidiary SpearXR to develop AR features for a new release of their book.


Author Cheryl Wills worked with SpearXR to create AR features including engaging pop-up visuals, dynamic audio cues, and other interactive learning materials throughout the book. Her voice and person feature in the visual and audio elements.

The AR elements are activated through a custom mobile app, "Emancipation," which pairs page-by-page with the book and includes app ten animated pages containing multiple AR features.


The project was successful in creating reading experiences that were more interesting for young learners. The experience transported students into the virtual world of the Civil War era, where they had the feeling of interacting with Cheryl's ancestors. This concept of using AR to enhance education is a prime example of how technology can be used to create meaningful and engaging experiences for students.

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