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Ecolab Nalco Water (ENW) was in need of a creative solution to showcase their cutting-edge digital offerings with the introduction of ECOLAB3D, their new digital service.

To leave a lasting impression on global clients visiting the Nalco Water campus, ENW wanted a Digital Collaboration Center experience that would generate "jaw-dropping moments" and address their specific business requirements.


Ecolab Nalco Water partnered with Sector 5 Digital (S5D), a Glimpse Group company, to utilize their expertise in storytelling and innovative technology to produce captivating content for their six core digital offerings.

To enhance the learning experience for Nalco Water's customers, S5D and its partners developed a physical holodeck, complete with nine edge-blended 3D projectors, to allow for virtual immersion in their customers' respective industries and promote understanding of ENW's new digital offerings.


Sector 5 Digital utilized cutting-edge technology to create compelling narratives centered on the challenges encountered by Nalco Water's clients in their respective fields. These stories highlighted the advantages of Nalco Water's digital solutions by delivering a fully immersive experience with 360 and 3D projection.

A holodeck display included real-time dashboards from the ECOLAB3D platform, demonstrating practical applications and bringing the demonstration to life. This successful brand launch resulted in a substantial increase in internal stakeholder support and proved to be a valuable sales tool for Nalco Water's sales and communications teams.

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"The solution was amazing, and it was where we wanted to go as a company. It demonstrates the digital capabilities we have in a unique, immersive manner. The capability to continually tell a good story is something that we’re looking to expand more and more with Sector 5 Digital."

- Vince Herrera, Former Marketing Director, Nalco