Helping Educators Bridge the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Skills Gap

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Verizon, a leader in the technology industry, recently acknowledged a significant lack of skilled educators who specialize in the field of immersive technology, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The fast-growing popularity of AR and VR in various industries has led to an increased demand for skills in this sector.

Verizon wanted to partner with an organization that could provide a comprehensive training program designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively implement immersive technology in their teaching.


Verizon partnered with XR Terra, a Glimpse Group subsidiary, to create the XR Foundations for Educators program. This program is designed to help teachers gain confidence in the fundamentals of the latest immersive technologies, including AR and VR.

The program provides live instruction and mentorship to help teachers gain the fundamental skills needed to create simple XR experiences. The program is approved for professional development credits by Boston University and is offered at no cost in partnership with the Verizon Foundation.


Verizon's partnership with XR Terra to create the XR Foundations for Educators program has been successful in addressing the lack of skilled educators in immersive technology. The program has empowered educators with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to use AR and VR in their classrooms.

The partnership has allowed Verizon to support the education sector in a meaningful way by providing educators with the necessary resources to implement immersive technology in their classrooms. The program has seen high demand from educators and has been praised for its affordability and accessibility. As a result, Verizon's partnership with XR Terra has positioned the company as a leader in the education sector and a champion of immersive technology implementation in education.