Improving Employee Onboarding with Virtual Reality Training



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Virtual Reality


Takeda, a leading pharmaceutical company, wanted to find a way to train its employees on a key process used to produce pharmaceutical products. They recognized that traditional training methods, such as lectures and demonstrations, were not always effective for delivering the necessary knowledge and skills to new employees. So they set out to find a solution that would provide a more immersive and interactive training experience for its employees.


To address this challenge, Takeda partnered with Glimpse Group subsidiary Foretell Reality to develop a VR training experience that accurately recreated the process in a virtual environment. The VR training experience included 3D modeling of an entire production room and all of the necessary equipment.

This allowed Takeda's employees to learn about the process in a more immersive and interactive way without any impact on the real world production line.


The VR training experience provided a more immersive and interactive way for Takeda's employees to train, allowing them to see and interact with the virtual environment and equipment in real time.

The VR training resulted in a significant decrease in risk for onboarding new employees, as it provided them with a more comprehensive understanding of the process. Takeda received positive feedback from its employees about the VR training experience, and it helped to improve the effectiveness of the company's overall training efforts.

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