Increasing Fan Engagement and Online Sales in the Metaverse

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Sabrina Carpenter



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Scent Beauty, a multi-brand platform for bespoke fragrances, sought to create an immersive experience to complement the launch of Sabrina Carpenter's fragrance, "Sweet Tooth," on

The experience needed to engage Sabrina Carpenter's fans in a fun and interactive way, while also promoting the new fragrance and driving online sales.


QReal, a subsidiary of the Glimpse Group, was contracted to bring an immersive experience to life within the Decentraland metaverse platform. The experience, a captivating scavenger hunt, transported fans to a candy-inspired fragrance shop belonging to Sabrina Carpenter.

The journey also gave fans the chance to receive a unique NFT as a reward. Upon entering the experience, fans were given the opportunity to delve into the fragrance's world, learn about it, and even purchase it.


The interactive scavenger hunt experience has engaged Sabrina Carpenter's fans in a fun and interactive way, while promoting the new fragrance and driving sales on The use of Decentraland as a metaverse platform has allowed QReal to showcase their expertise in web3 and deploy life-like 3D models, complete with an NFT 'airdrop' reward.

Scent Beauty has also gained significant exposure and engagement, providing them with a competitive advantage in the crowded fragrance market. The success of this project has encouraged Scent Beauty and Walmart to continue to leverage immersive experiences to promote their products.

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