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Goodway Technologies, a manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment, was looking for a way to simplify their trade show presence and to increase footfall and engagement.

Previously, they relied on a bulky physical installation to showcase their products, which was both expensive to transport and labor-intensive to set up. In an effort to streamline their trade show setup, Goodway sought to replace this cumbersome setup with a more efficient and engaging experience.


Foretell Reality, a Glimpse Group company, created a gamified VR experience for Goodway Technologies' Coil Cleaner product. This simulation made the product accessible to a wider audience by lowering the barrier to entry compared to the traditional physical installation.

The VR experience featured a scoring system and leaderboard, boosting user interaction and enabling Goodway to gather valuable user information. With Foretell's assistance, Goodway created a virtual demonstration that was captivating, educational, and effective in promoting the product at trade shows and events.


The VR simulation proved to be highly cost-effective, as it required only a fraction of the budget compared to their previous physical installation. The VR experience was so successful that Goodway recouped the entire cost of the experience's development after just one event.

It also required less maintenance than the physical installation, making each subsequent event even more cost-effective, it also increased booth traffic and engagement, as well as facilitating the collection of user data through the leaderboard system.

In addition to being a marketing tool, the VR experience was also applied as a training program for new employees, which enabled Goodway to upskill its new hires three times faster and reduce training costs by up to 75% compared to traditional training.

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