Onboarding Employees at Scale with Virtual Reality Safety Training

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American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers


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Glimpse Subsidiary

Brightline Interactive


Virtual Reality


American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) encountered a unique challenge of having to swiftly integrate hundreds of new hires into their workforce, despite the fact that the facilities designated for their employment were still being built.

Additionly, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to take a unit out of commission for training, and any errors in the training process can be extremely dangerous. To tackle this challenge, AFPM realized the necessity of finding a substitute solution to guarantee a seamless onboarding experience.


Brightline Interactive, a Glimpse Group subsidiary, created a training solution for AFPM's employees, a 130-task simulation which trained them in starting a fired heater, a crucial operation in the facilities.

The simulation starts with a classroom tutorial and progresses to cover the mechanics of the process through hands-on training in a Virtual Reality environment. Trainees can choose between two scenarios, a guided simulation with prompts and assistance or an unguided module that allows for safe failures and learning from mistakes. 


AFPM streamlined their onboarding process for hundreds of new employees by utilizing VR technology in their safety training. This innovative approach takes one of the most dangerous parts of the refinery lifecycle and allows unlimited training against it with no danger or need to take a unit out of commission.

The results of this VR training were impressive, with training time reduced by up to 75% and workplace injuries resulting in lost time decreased by 43%. Keitt Wannamaker, the project leader, praised the VR training for its time-saving and cost-saving benefits when compared to traditional training methods, and for its contribution to project reliability.

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