Rheinmetall Visualizes Industrial Prototypes for Potential Buyers

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Glimpse Subsidiary

Sector 5 Digital


3D Visualization


Rheinmetall wanted to showcase the design and functionality of their proposed Lynx Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) to potential buyers, despite it not yet being physically built.

Assets for marketing and advertising were needed, helping to build excitement and anticipation for the product ahead of launch. It was also important to showcase the unique features and benefits of the OMFV, helping to differentiate it from competitors.


To tackle this challenge, Rheinmetall enlisted the help of Sector 5 Digital, a Glimpse Group subsidiary and a leading immersive technology company.

Using their expertise in creating immersive content for the aerospace and defense industries, Sector 5 Digital produced multiple 3D visualizations featuring the OMFV in a realistic multi-domain operation scenario. These included an impactful mission-vignette video, an informational fly-through video, and various key marketing assets that highlighted the OMFV's capabilities.


The 3D assets created by Sector 5 Digital proved to be a valuable marketing tool for Rheinmetall and its partners as they competed for the U.S. Army's Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle program.

The immersive content provided by Sector 5 Digital allowed Rheinmetall to depict the design and functionality of the proposed vehicle accurately, emphasizing its key capabilities and unique selling points with an effective and innovative marketing approach.

Rheinmetall Visualizes Industrial Prototypes for Potential Buyers
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"The animations that Sector 5 created enabled us to present these during a customer meeting so that we could easily showcase the functionalities of our vehicle solution. Visuals really help bring the digital design to life for the customer. We are impressed by their ability to understand our needs."

- Danielle Callender, Marketing Manager, RHEINMETALL