Scalable VR Training Improves Efficiency and Reduces Errors by 40%

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To address the challenge of maintaining professional standards in cleaning hospital rooms and onboarding new staff with high turnover rate, NYU Langone Health sought a turnkey solution.

With over 1000 building services employees responsible for cleaning over 15,000 hospital rooms daily, the hospital required a solution that could maintain its rigorous hygiene requirements and ensure that all new staff were adequately trained to meet these standards.


Foretell Reality, a Glimpse Group subsidiary, designed a VR training program aimed to help new building service employees meet the hospital's high standards for hygiene in patient rooms.

The program was designed in three tiers, with the first tier being fully guided, the second semi-guided, and the third being unassisted. The program also had a scoring system that provided performance metrics for instructors to evaluate trainees' progress.


The VR training program standardized the 7-Step Cleaning Process, allowing employees to "learn by doing" in a hands-on training program. This reduced the resource demand of employee onboarding by 25-75%, replacing less efficient conventional methods like shadowing and traditional in-person instruction.

As a result of implementing the VR training program there were 40% less errors on the job compared to traditional training, and employees retained 65% more information compared to written instructions. The program also provided quantifiable performance metrics and itemized the cleaning process, allowing managers to monitor employee progress more accurately.

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