Sephora Increases Online Make-up Sales by 35% with Virtual Try-on Experience

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Sephora (Turkey)



Glimpse Subsidiary



Augmented Reality


As a leading cosmetics and beauty retailer, Sephora (Turkey) knew it had to keep pace with the growing trend of virtual try-ons to maintain its position as a top player in the industry.

However, replicating the in-store experience of trying on makeup online proved to be a challenge, as customers were unable to physically test the products and see how they looked on their own skin. Sephora needed to find a way to provide this experience for customers shopping online to compete with other e-commerce retailers.


To overcome this challenge, Sephora teamed up with PulpoAR, part of QReal, a Glimpse Group subsidiary, a specialist in creating high-quality Augmented Reality experiences. They developed a makeup try-on feature that allowed customers to virtually try on different makeup using a phone or webcam.

The AR feature applied the makeup to a customer's face in real-time, providing a realistic preview of how the product would look on them. This allowed customers to experiment with different shades and styles of makeup and find products that were perfect for them, all from the comfort of their own home.


The AR try-on feature and other online shopping enhancements were a huge success for Sephora. The ability to virtually try on makeup gave customers the confidence to purchase products online.

While the personalized recommendations and easy-to-use order tracking system improved the overall shopping experience. As a result, Sephora saw a 25% increase in add-to-basket rate and a staggering 35% increase in conversions.

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