Using Virtual Reality to Enhance First Date Coaching

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Grace Lee, the owner of the date coaching service "A Good First Date," wanted to try to improve her service by incorporating VR. During in-person coaching sessions, clients often felt uncomfortable when paired with strangers for dating exercises, hindering the effectiveness of the coaching.

Traditional date coaching relied on broad trends and general impressions to tailor advice, lacking quantifiable data to support it. By integrating VR technology, Grace looked to provide a more engaging and efficient coaching experience for her clients.


The VR date coaching platform designed by Foretell Reality improved the overall effectiveness of Grace Lee's coaching. With anonymized avatars and a shared virtual environment, partnered exercises were more comfortable for clients and helped them practice dating skills with other clients.

The VR platform also allowed for video capture, which gave Grace the ability to replay and review footage from coaching sessions and provide quantifiable, detailed, and collaborative feedback to clients. This integration of VR technology allowed for a more efficient and effective approach to date coaching.


Grace discovered that by utilizing the VR platform, clients were able to enhance their dating skills in a secure setting with anonymous avatars and shared virtual environments.

The video recording functionality also gave quantifiable and comprehensive feedback, allowing clients to see areas for growth. Due to its success, Grace is expanding her business by adding VR to a new service called "The DatingVerse", which offers virtual reality-based dating coaching.

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