Our Companies

Lifelike AR and 3D models for branding, retail and food industries. QReal is creating the next generation of visual commerce.
Sector 5
S5D combines brilliant storytelling with emerging technology for industry leading organizations.
Foretell Reality
VR coworking spaces for collaboration, soft skill development, interpersonal interactions, therapy and support.
Post Reality
Enabling organizations to easily create, edit and deploy personalized and specialized AR experiences and presentations.
Adept XR Learning
Immersive learning solutions for industrial and corporate training. A learn-by-doing approach.
XR training and development courses for software engineers, graphic designers, 3D modelers, and artists.
Immersive Health Group
Leverages VR/AR technologies to increase access to care and educate clinicians, practitioners and patients.
AR visualization tools for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), effectively reducing rework costs.
Pagoni VR
Immersive tools for 360, 180 and VR video workflows. Pagoni VR’s tools combine physical and virtual worlds.
Virtual tools taking presentation, data analysis, visualization, remote work and collaboration to new levels.
Glimpse Turkey
AR optimized 3D model creation software services, based in Turkey.
VR/AR software and services for K-12 education and children’s hospitals.
Pulpo AR
Easy-to-deploy and scalable AR plugins for ecommerce platforms in the beauty and cosmetics industries.
Brightline Interactive
Provider of VR and AR integration, training simulations, and immersive experiences for government and commercial clients.

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