Higher Education

Enhance education at the highest level by using VR/AR to challenge and inspire students. Improve remote learning with immersive educational environments and reinforce in-person learning with specialized classroom technology. Equip students with the latest VR/AR tools for presentation and research and boost enrollment by adopting innovative educational techniques.

Virtual Campus Tours

Utilize AR school tours to boost enrollment, showcasing the adoption of cutting-edge educational technologies.

Experiential Learning

VR simulations provide realistic practical experience for developing soft and hard skills, preparing students for any vocation.

Higher Education

Digital Workspace

VR gives students a vast digital workspace to organize research, visualize data, and reach new conclusions.

Virtual Classrooms

Take advantage of specialized classroom technologies in VR such as AI note-takers, whiteboards, and special 360-video for remote and in-person learning.

Our Clients & Partners

Fordham University
Sacred Heart University
Temple University - Philadelphia