Professional Training

VR/AR offers convenient, comfortable spaces for practicing and acquiring both hard skills and soft skills remotely, as well as analytics to optimize the training process.

VR/AR training for hard skills – technical skills which can be quantified – simulates on-the-job experience for professions hinged on practical training while reducing associated costs. VR/AR can also be used to train soft skills like public speaking, negotiation, and networking, enabling crucial trial-and-error experience in a pressure-free environment.

VR/AR platforms offer comprehensive professional training, orientation for new employees, and accurately replicated workplaces to smoothen the onboarding process.

Safety Training

Safety training in VR provides intuitive controls and explanatory instructions, ensuring preparedness for emergency situations.

Hard Skills Training

VR/AR technology allows trainees to acquire crucial on-the-job experience, practicing challenging procedures and receiving immediate constructive feedback.

Professional Training

Soft Skills Training

Train your team in public speaking, creative thinking, negotiating, and pitching ideas in realistic business and entrepreneurial situations.

Training Analytics and Feedback

VR/AR training platforms allow instructors to receive performance analytics in the moment, enabling them to understand training efficacy and adjust their methods in real time.

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