K-12 Education

VR/AR complements traditional classroom learning and enhances remote education. Immersive learning tools strengthen classroom and remote learning, while shared digital spaces and virtual field trips elevate remote learning. Familiarizing students with VR/AR technology prepares them for the workplace of the future.

AR Learning Materials

Transform books and worksheets into dynamic learning tools that feature quizzes, 3D models, videos, and more.

Boost Enrollment

Adopting VR/AR educational technology positions your school above the rest. Virtual tours and testimonials from real students allow prospective students to learn more about your school.

K-12 Education

Virtual Field Trips

Use VR to transport students to tour magical libraries, excavate rock formations, and explore new environments in-person and remotely.

Digital Home Room

Classroom learning in VR/AR bridges the social gap between remote and in-person education, enabling students to share a digital space and showcase schoolwork with one another in real time.